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The effects that come with the advent of tech to the CFOs and their senior staff.


Eric Cantona

Mar 13, 2024 •
2 mins read
The effects that come with the advent of tech to the CFOs and their senior staff.
The advent of the tech front in the modern business landscape has seen it come with numerous ramifications for CFOs and their Senior Staff.

In a recent technology survey undertaken by The CFO East Africa, there are highlights on significant findings regarding the impact of technology on senior finance roles.

Notably, 44 percent of CFOs anticipate technology replacing senior staff within two decades. Despite this, only 37 percent of organizations have implemented AI in financial processes, citing various challenges including costs, expertise, data quality, perceived job displacement, security risks and ethical concerns as the reasons for the low uptake.

While CFOs recognize the potential of data and analytics, adoption rates remain low, with over 60 percent rarely using AI applications like ChatGPT due to ethical concerns and risks. Interestingly, CFOs prioritize technological aptitude when assessing candidates for employment, indicating a growing importance of technology skills in finance roles.

An interesting take-away from all these opinions from CFOs across the region is that they are obsessed over ways in which they could improve data and and analytics for decision-making in their organisations.

What Role does Churpy play in ensuring the effects brought about by the advent of technology in financial processes are CFO- Friendly?

Churpy ensuring improvement in data and analytics for use in decision-making in organisations:

Data should be available on a consistent, accurate and timely manner such that the CFO toolbox becomes more operational and effective. If you are wondering how, data pipelines involve connecting to accounting software ERPs e.g SAP ECC, QBO, Sage, etc. And financial data from banks such as KCB, NCBA, City etc.

From the data warehousing we expose the data on do-it-yourself dashboards to assist you CFOs and the management team, power your decisioning processes using accurate and verifiable data. Scenario planning becomes a natural next step for better planning.

Churpy ensuring data security, ethical considerations and compliance?

A proactive approach to risk management has become a crucial aspect of the CFO's role.

Churpy Reconciliation adheres to stringent data security measures and compliance standards to protect sensitive financial information. This includes encryption protocols, secure data storage practices, and compliance with relevant regulations such as DPA (KE), GDPR (EU) and GLB (US).

To get ahead of the curve in this tech era, kindly reach out to us through for detailed demo session with our experts.