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CFOs embracing and adopting AI and Technology across East Africa.


Eric Cantona

Feb 29, 2024 •
2 mins read
CFOs embracing and adopting AI and Technology across East Africa.
CFOs across the East African region are embracing AI and the tech landscape which is leading the way in innovation.

In a recent interview with CFO East Africa, Urvi Patel of Deloitte EA and an industry leader in Technology, Media and Telecommunications, shared her views on AI adoption and the tech landscape in the East African region. In fact, 59% of CFOs are planning to Use SaaS for Accounts Receivable in the next 12 months, according to IDC.

Adoption of emerging technologies like AI in finance and machine learning brings opportunities along with ethical and regulatory considerations. CFOs are now spending more time on technology discussions, emphasizing the importance of assessing cybersecurity and operational risks related to 3rd party vendors.

Common challenges CFOs face when integrating these new technologies include ensuring data quality and accuracy, assessing scalability and flexibility in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

There is fear of the unknown, lack or inadequate data, process maturity and relevant skills within organizations hampering quicker and pragmatic adoption of critical tech for finance. Urvi Patel further states that risk is dynamic, and it has evolved a lot faster over the couple of years. There have been consistent updates to regulatory and financial reporting standards. Businesses in East Africa face growing pressure to comply with data privacy regulations as non-compliance can lead to significant fines and legal consequences.

How does Churpy solve all these challenges:

  • Our product offers an end-to-end CFO tech stack automation proving a one-stop point for all your needs around; spend management, integrated receivables management, consolidated financial insights and analytics. Recently, our off-the-shelf SME ERP with emphasis on back-office finance ops automation also incorporates full automation/AI/ML specs.
  • We help you forget about the mechanics of technology, spending less efforts on data gathering and more towards data insights and analysis on do-it-yourself dashboards e.g. cashflow forecasting.

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