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FAQs on Akountable ERP by Churpy and the Answers


Eric Cantona

Apr 30, 2024 •
2 mins read
FAQs on Akountable ERP by Churpy and the Answers

FAQs about Akountable ERP by Churpy

1. What is Akountable by Churpy, and how does it benefit SMEs?

Akountable by Churpy is an ERP system designed specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It offers features like invoicing, payment tracking, expense management, financial reporting, and user-based management. It helps SMEs streamline their financial operations, enhance accountability, and improve transparency.

2. How does Akountable help in invoicing, reconciliation, and payment tracking?

Akountable allows users to create professional invoices, track payments, and receivables effortlessly. It provides real-time notifications on payment statuses and automatically reconciles all bank transactions. This ensures accountability and transparency in financial processes.

3. What features does Akountable offer for expense management?

Akountable enables users to record and categorize expenses for better financial visibility. It also generates insightful expense reports for strategic decision-making. Additionally, it facilitates financial planning, budgeting, and connects to banks and mobile money platforms for individual or bulk payments.

4. How does Akountable support financial reporting?

Akountable provides access to detailed financial reports to monitor the overall health of the business. It includes ratio analysis features for debt origination and enables data-driven decision-making based on accurate financial insights.

5. What are the key aspects of user-based management in Akountable?

Akountable maintains a comprehensive audit trail of user activities within the system. It allows assigning specific tasks and permissions to each role for streamlined workflow and control access to sensitive financial data by setting permissions for each user. It also supports maker-checker functionality for critical tasks.

6. What is the significance of Akountable's integration with eTIMS?

Akountable seamlessly integrates with eTIMS (Electronic Transaction Information Management System) by the tax authority, KRA. This integration aims to enhance compliance with tax laws, providing SMEs with a more holistic solution for financial management and taxation.

7. How does Akountable ensure security for sensitive financial information?

Akountable offers advanced security features to safeguard sensitive financial information, in line with data protection laws in Kenya and globally. These measures ensure that user data remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

8. How does Akountable support scalability and adaptability for SMEs?

Akountable enables SMEs to scale operations seamlessly as the business grows. It also helps them adapt to changing regulatory requirements with ease, ensuring that the system remains compliant and up-to-date.

9. What channels are available for accessing Akountable?

Akountable can be accessed via a mobile app and/or a progressive web app (PWA) channel, providing SMEs with user-friendly and simple tools to thrive in today's competitive and dynamic business environment.

10. How can I provide feedback or get in touch with Churpy regarding Akountable?

Feedback regarding Akountable can be sent to Churpy welcomes feedback and inquiries from users to continuously improve the platform and meet the evolving needs of SMEs.