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FAQs on Churpy's Instant Reconciliation and its automated process


Eric Cantona

Mar 14, 2024 •
2 mins read
FAQs on Churpy's Instant Reconciliation and its automated process
We address the unique FAQs on this game-changing product as we foster for automated operations in the finance landscape.

Here are some unique FAQs that our clients have been asking on Instant reconciliation following our insightful blog on this game-changing product;

1. What are the common challenges companies face when reconciling payments internally?

- Answer: Companies often encounter difficulties due to discrepancies between internal datasets and bank statements caused by factors such as batching, timing, and differences in data formatting within the banking system.

2. How does Churpy Reconciliation address the issue of manual reconciliation processes?

- Answer: Churpy Reconciliation offers automated end-to-end reconciliation processes, allowing companies to match payment objects in their internal databases with bank data efficiently. This automation reduces the risk of errors and enhances transparency in financial operations.

3. What makes Churpy Reconciliation stand out from other software solutions?

- Answer: Churpy Reconciliation provides customizable modules that allow users to set their own reconciliation rules, real-time analytics for better insights, high-capacity invoice processing capabilities, OCR PDF remittance advice processing, and seamless ERP integrations, making it a comprehensive solution for automating accounts receivable and bank reconciliation operations.

4. How does Churpy Reconciliation ensure data security and compliance?

- Answer: Churpy Reconciliation adheres to stringent data security measures and compliance standards to protect sensitive financial information. This includes encryption protocols, secure data storage practices, and compliance with relevant regulations such as DPA (KE), GDPR (EU) and GLB (US).

5. Can Churpy Reconciliation integrate with existing accounting or ERP systems?

- Answer: Yes, Churpy Reconciliation offers seamless integration with popular accounting and ERP software such as SAP ECC & QBO therefore streamlining the reconciliation process and enabling data synchronization across platforms.

6. As an SME without an accounting software, how can i reconcile my transactions?

- Answer: Churpy provides you with 2 options i.e. (a) use Churpy's accounting software which has inbuilt automated reconciliation that connects with your bank or mobile money provider or (b) use our stand-alone reconciliation engine that can work independently without an ERP.

7. How can businesses get started with Churpy Reconciliation?

- Answer: Businesses interested in leveraging Churpy Reconciliation can schedule a demo with the Churpy team by contacting During the demo, our experts will provide a comprehensive overview of the platform's features and capabilities, as well as guidance on implementation and integration processes.

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